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As is required for international students with families living overseas, as guardians we look after the needs of students in terms of their safety, well-being and academic progress. We also connect students and parents with local host parents who are able to care for students over exeats, holidays, and in cases of emergencies.

The responsibilities of the guardian may vary depending on schools or specific student’s needs, we try our best to achieve the highest level of care. We act as the student’s 24-hour emergency contact, extending to the parents and the school. We can arrange emergency medical care and home stays when necessary. We maintain an active interest in the student’s academic progress and email and handle reports and feedback from the school.


For exeats, term breaks and holidays, we can arrange travel for students (taxis, trains, coaches, etc), and we assign host families when necessary. We prioritise safety, choosing our host families carefully. Apart from DBS-police checks, we also arrange face-to-face meetings to visit the host families.

When requested, we can attend various school functions such as parent-teacher conferences, matches, or concerts. We can assist students with general and basic needs such as purchasing uniform, completing forms, arranging SIM cards, etc. If necessary, we can recommend appropriate and trusted tutors, offer university advice when requested, and also write and send termly reports on the students back to parents.

We endeavour to offer carefully tailored services for each student, ensuring that their every need is met in terms of their safety, well-being, and academic progress, and this is the goal of Harbour House.

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