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"With my son coming to school in the UK for the first time, we were both confused as to what the procedures were. Harbour House made it so clear to us and really helped us understand the system! After a few months, I know I can always rely on Harbour House!"

-Mimi Wu - parent of Dulwich College

"Juanna of Harbour House, being a mother of two, is very experienced and caring.  I am thankful for her great support to my daughter in the UK, from buying an electric heated mattress, SIM card, to transport arrangement for my daughter's exeat and half-term holiday stays. During my daughter's stays, she had a cozy room provided and numerous fun activities arranged for her.  Juanna also acts as a link between me and the boarding school. As a parent, I have confidence that if my child is in need of help or advice, someone is at the end of the telephone, email or text to help support, encourage and advise my child in my absence."

-Jackie Wong - parent of Dean Close School


"It's been really great being able to have someone go to my daughter's parent teacher conferences with her when I am all the way on the over side of the world!"

-Jane Ng - parent of Taunton School

"It was really helpful that Harbour House could help us find a host family for our son that was so close to him that was comfortable and convenient! As parents being in a different country than our children, it is easy to be anxious when they are traveling to another place, but Juanna at Harbour House communicates with us a lot and let's us know when they are going from one place to another, she really pays attention to the kids!"

-Bruce & Maria Lau - parents of Kirkland Grammar School

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